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      Bangladesh lies between 20º34' and 26º38' North Latitude and 88º01 and 92º 41' East Longitude with a total landmass of 1,47,570 square kilometers. Bangladesh is surrounded by India to the west, north and northeast, Myanmar to the southeast, and the Bay of Bengal to the south. Bangladesh has a strategic location and acts as bridge between South Asia and Southeast Asia. Learn more...
The Judiciary
      >The Supreme Court
      >The Subordinate Courts and tribunals
Recently Completed Project
      > Legal and Judicial Capacity Building Project
On Going Project
      A. Investment Projects:
Construction of District Registrar's Offices in 20 Districts and Sub-Registrar's Offices in 63
  Upazilias of Bangladesh (Ist phase-Revised).
Construction of Chief Judicial Magistrate Court Building of 64 district Head quarters in
  Bangladesh (Ist phase).
Construction of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court Building and Hazatkhana cum Police
  Barrack in the compound of Dhaka Collectorate (2nd phase).
      B. Technical Assistance Projects:
Promoting Access to Justice and Human Rights in Bangladesh
Supporting the Good Governance  Programme (Part-B).
Capacity Building of the Judicial Administration Training Institute in Bangladesh (phase II).
Compilation, Publication and Translation of Laws.
Organization and Departments
      >Office of the Attorney General
      >Directorate of Registration
      >Law Commission
      >Legal Aid service
Public Information
The Constitution of The People's Republic of Bangladesh
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About ADR
Notary Public
Marriage Registration
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